Course Materials for CPSC 427

1. Particular Handouts

The syllabus, the course calendar, other rules/procedures for CPSC 427 are found here. 

2. Common Handouts

Handouts common to all of my courses like installing the virtual machine, cloning my GitHub repository, instructions for submitting assignments, etc.

3. Readings & Videos

Links to sites useful for students of CPSC 427 can be found here. Some of these will be assigned by number on the course schedule

4. Project Specifications

Instructions for programing assignments are here. Keys for some of the projects will be here, too. 

5. Example Programs

Example programs are stored in my GitHub repository.  You can access the repository directly here:

You can find instructions for cloning my repository in "Common Handouts," above.

6. Lectures

Lecture notes and slides are found at this link.  There will probably be not many of these, since most of the course will be conducted interactively.

7. Scanned Notes/Readings/Videos

Links to readings and videos assignment by number on the course schedule 

8. Study Guides and Test Keys

Study guides for tests and keys for some of the tests are found at this link.