Gonzaga Center for Evolutionary Algorithms


The Gonzaga Center for Evolutionary Algorithms (GUCEA) aims at advancing the knowledge of genetic algorithms (GA) in optimization problems. Optimization deals with seeking the best possible solution to a design problem. Often constraints are accounted for. The center was founded in the fall of 2005 as a result of a six year collaborative effort between Professor De Palma in the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Sara Ganzerli in the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Shannon Overbay from the Department of Mathematics joined us last year.

Genetic Algorithms imitate the natural selection process. The capabilities of this method are very attractive in that they can handle discrete variables. GA are also able to solve problems with high epistasis that present interaction and coupling between different parameters of the function to be minimized. Applications include structural engineering and mathematics. In particular, genetic algorithms are applied to the optimal design of trusses considering uncertainties in the load condition and to graph theory. This ongoing study at Gonzaga University strives to design and implement genetic algorithms that generate reasonable solutions to difficult problems in mathematics, engineering, and science.


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