CPSC 321: Database Management Systems (Fall 2017)
Locations and Times
  • Section 1: PACCAR 005, Tu/Th, 10:50am - 12:05pm
  • Section 2: PACCAR 105, Tu/Th, 01:50pm - 03:05pm
  • Instructor
    Shawn Bowers
  • Email: bowers@gonzaga.edu
  • Office: Herak 309C
  • Office Hours: 11-12 Mon, 1-3 Wed, 12:30-1:30 Thurs, or by appointment
  • Textbook
  • Database System Concepts (6th Edition), S. Silberschatz, H. Korth, & S. Sudarshan, McGraw Hill 2010 (required)

  • Course Description
    The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to topics in data management as well as hands-on experience working with database systems. Topics covered include the relational data model, query languages (relational algebra, SQL), database design (conceptual modeling, integrity constraints, normalization), storage and file structures, query processing and optimization, and transaction management (as time allows). This course has a strong design and engineering emphasis that includes a number of assignments and a group project in which students design and develop an end-to-end database application.
  • (30%) Assignments
  • (10%) Project
  • (15%) Quizzes
  • (45%) Three Mid-Semester Exams
  • Policies
    Please see the Course Syllabus for details regarding assignments, exams, attendance, academic honesty, etc. All programs must be handed in both as hard copy and through the online Submission Site. Hard copy must be accompanied by a Cover Sheet.
    Weekly Schedule
    Week Date Topic Assignments
    1 Tu-Aug-29 Course overview HW1
    1 Th-Aug-31 Relational Model  
    2 Tu-Sep-5 SQL (intro) and Table Creation HW2
    2 Th-Sep-7 Table Creation in SQL (cont)  
    3 Tu-Sep-12 Basic SQL Queries HW3
    3 Th-Sep-14 Basic SQL Queries (cont)  
    4 Tu-Sep-19 Joins (cont), NULL values HW4
    4 Th-Sep-21 Aggregates, Set Operators  
    5 Tu-Sep-26 Views & Prepared Statments, Group By (intro) HW5
    5 Th-Sep-28
    Exam 1
    6 Tu-Oct-3 Subqueries (intro) HW6
    6 Th-Oct-5 Subqueries (cont)  
    7 Tu-Oct-10 Outer Joins, Normalization (intro) HW7
    7 Th-Oct-12 Functional Dependencies  
    8 Tu-Oct-17 Functional Dependencies (cont) HW8, PROJ 1
    8 Th-Oct-19 BCNF  
    9 Tu-Oct-24 3NF HW9, PROJ-2
    9 Th-Oct-26 3NF wrap up, ER Modeling (intro)  
    10 Tu-Oct-31 ER Modeling  
    10 Th-Nov-2
    Exam 2 (tentative)
    11 Tu-Nov-7 ER (wrap up) HW10, PROJ-3
    11 Th-Nov-9 Dynamic SQL  
    12 Tu-Nov-14 DB Internals: Files  
    12 Th-Nov-16 DB Internals: Indexes  
    13 Tu-Nov-21
    No Class
    13 Th-Nov-23
    Thanksgiving Holiday
    14 Tu-Nov-28 DB Internals: Indexes (cont) PROJ-4, HW11
    14 Th-Nov-30 Indexes (cont) and Relational Algebra  
    15 Tu-Dec-5 Relational Algebra, Join Algos HW12 (extra)
    15 Th-Dec-7
    Exam 3
    16 We-Dec-13
    SECTION 1 -- 03:30pm-05:30pm
    Project Report Due
    16 Th-Dec-14
    SECTION 2 -- 10:30am-12:30pm
    Project Report Due